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Online Support

The Grief Recovery Method® Online 1-on-1 Program

To provide Grief Recovery assistance to the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time, we are thrilled to announce the new Online 1-on-1 format to help grieving people worldwide. The Online 1-on-1 format is a powerful, dynamic, sensible and accessible program that is for anyone genuinely willing to take the necessary actions to help themselves. The Grief Recovery Institute® is the foremost authority on the topic of Grief. The Grief Recovery Method® isn’t just a theory; it’s proven effective for any type of loss one may experience in life.

Filomena Mazzone is an Advanced GRM Specialist, hand selected for her expertise in The Grief Recovery Method®, and has undergone specialized advanced training developed by The Grief Recovery Institute®.

Why Choose the Online 1-on-1 Program?

There are many benefits to The Grief Recovery Method Online 1-on-1 Program, including convenience, accessibility, comfort, and privacy. While Filly is located in New Jersey, Online Support allows her to offer guidance with grievers all over the world.  For those with physical limitations, whether disabled, with limited access to transit, or personal preference, Online Support is a wonderful and stress-relieving alternative to the Group Support or In-Person Support programs. One of the biggest benefits of Online Support is the ability to work through your grief in the comfort of your own home.
Video conferencing is held through a safe and secure platform called HighFive. When you schedule a meeting with Filly, you’ll be given a link to click on, which will open the video. There is no complicated login process, and the personalized link is only shared with you and Filly.