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Are you suffering from a broken heart?

Meet Filly

Filomena “Filly” Mazzone is a certified Advanced Grief Recovery Method® Specialist with training to teach the Grief Recovery Method® in a class setting, on a one-on-one basis, or through an online video platform. She spent most of her professional life working in Human Resources for several Fortune 500 companies, as well as managing her own professional recruitment firm. Her vast amount of experience connecting with diverse personalities, relationships, and people has proven to be an extremely helpful skill. Filly prides herself with always remaining loyal to her core values; Integrity, Respect, and Discretion.

With tragedy at hand, she remains loving, humorous, giving and willing to service others who have lost loved ones through death, break-up, life event changes, or any other loss. She understands that the way out of the pain is through, and the Grief Recovery Method® is a powerful and successful program for you to move through the pain and on to fully living the rest of your life.


Why Grief Recovery?

In 2017, Filly decided to embrace a long-time passion. Grief counseling!
One would wonder why grief and how could this be a passion?
During the years, it seems that personal loss has followed Filly closely.  As a 12-year old child, she lost her beloved father to heart disease. In 1990, her fiancé drowned while on a scuba diving trip.  Filly’s beautiful and lovable mother, Anna, passed of lung cancer in 2003. Then in 2010, the unthinkable occurred. Her stepfather, Vincent, with whom she was exceedingly close, was assaulted in his home and died nine days later at a local hospital from this horrific act. Filomena worked tirelessly with her family for four years to bring the murderer to justice. Shortly after this grueling task was completed, Ms. Mazzone was told that her partner of 21 years, Ralph, had a serious heart disease and needed a heart transplant. Ralph passed in 2015. This most recent heartbreak led her to a “call to action” and she signed up for the Grief Recovery Method® certification class to help others with their grieving. Filomena flew to Atlanta, GA in 2017, completed her certification, and became a certified Grief Recovery® Specialist. In 2018, Filomena completed her advanced training with the Grief Recovery Institute and is now certified to teach the Grief Recovery Method® in a class setting, on a one-to-one basis, and online for those interested in completing this course electronically.
Filomena is available as a keynote speaker, for educational seminars, or to facilitate panel discussions.
Grief Support Group

Our Grief Support Group is an action-based program in a safe environment with others who have experienced loss. Each 8-week group involves reading and writing assignments structured to teach you how to recover from loss with supportive guidance every step of the way.

Grief Support Online
This is a powerful, dynamic, sensible and accessible program that is genuinely for anyone willing to take the necessary actions to help themselves. The GRM Online 1-on-1 Program is offered via a secure, completely confidential video platform, so you can recover from loss no matter where you’re located.
Grief Support 1 to 1

One to One Support follows the same format as the Grief Support Group, but in an individualized setting. This 7-week program involves reading and writing assignments structured to teach you how to recover from loss with supportive guidance every step of the way.


Filly, someone to share with, confide in and learn from was the key. Of course, you all know that sharing and being HEARD is the “magic”. Filly is so smart, so professional, yet warm and genuine. This honest, real, boldly caring and unapologetically loving lady made the program real, practical, useful and meaningful.

Client in Port Orange, FL

I have known Filomena professionally for the last 15 years as a colleague within a large healthcare system. Ms. Mazzone was always passionate about her work and the development and mentoring of her team. Of all my leaders, Filomena was the most hard working, dedicated  and loyal to her peers and the organization. I have the utmost respect for her strong moral code,  which was never compromised  during difficult organizational transitions. What is so very special about Filomena, however, is her sense of humor, lively spirit and warmth which engages all who meet her.

Senior VP, CHRO Healthcare System, PA

Filly has been my very dear friend for over 50 years. She is the friend you call with your happiest news, when dealing with a tragedy and everything in between. Filly is the friend that picks you up when you fall and reminds you of everything good in you. She is the woman you trust with your secrets and gives you a soft place to fall.  Filly’s compassion, sense of humor and common sense approach to life has made a significant difference in my journey . Spending time with this dear friend is like coming home.

Paula J. Lospalluto Haworth, NJ

There are times in life when you meet a professional  who is uniquely qualified for her work. Filomena Mazzone is just such a person. I have known Filomena for more than 17 years, and her life experience, empathy and compassion for others have prepared her to be a grief counselor like no other.

Richard L. Attorney at Law Paramus, NJ

Before, I wondered if grief was normal or if other people would feel this or that way. But after being in the One-on-One Program of the Grief Recovery Method with Filly, I understood that grieving is a process and that I had to work on it by saying “good-bye” to the loss and the suffering, but not to my loved one. Filly made me feel very comfortable during the sessions because of her compassion, competence and professionalism.

Former Client Morristown, NJ