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One-to-One Support Program

One to One Support Program

Your heart is broken and you know you need help, but you’re not sure what to do next.

Your feelings are a normal and natural reaction to loss. We’ve found that the most effective way to experience the Grief Recovery Method® is in a group. However, we realize that there may be many reasons why this isn’t possible for you, so we also offer the method on a One-to-One basis.

Sadly, our society does not teach us how to cope with our grief. We are merely expected to “get over it in time,” but how long are we supposed to wait for the pain to go away? A month? A year? A lifetime?

The Grief Recovery Method® has been used effectively by hundreds of thousands of grievers all over the world. The One-to-One Program is exactly what it suggests – you working on your own recovery guided by Filly, an experienced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®.

There is no need to wait – no matter how recent the loss, The Grief Recovery Method® can be used to complete the unfinished business generated by any loss and allow you, the griever, to recover from loss and ultimately lead a happier life.

If you feel you’re just “existing” or “coping” rather than living fully, then this program is definitely for you.